ASELTECH brand, we warrant all our delivered products against workmanship and material defects. All the materials that are determined to be defected and reported to our company during the warranty period are replaced with new ones.


    Thanks to the sophisticated producing technology that we have,our company will non-stop continue to improve the products in stock and produce the new products in a good quality.


    We produce high variety of sterilization containers and wire baskets.

  • Standard Model – Sterile Container Systems

    High quality speacial alloy aluminium raw material with 6 color options. Our container systems, with most general point of view, are separated into 5 different dimension groups as ½, ¾, 1/1, Extra Large and Extra Long models. Additionally we can supply smaller models like Dental and Mini models.

  • Aseltech

    Precision, Quality and Durability. Our tailor-made production of surgical instruments are used by healthcare professionals worldwide.

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